Cadíz and Jerez

This weekend was rather relaxing, as we only had one day trip planned for our group. Friday I slept in quite late and, after waking up, did a little shopping and ended the day baking cookies with Caroline.




Saturday morning we had an early 8:30 departure from Sevilla to Jerez de la Frontera for a tour and wine tasting at Bodega Real Tesoro. The grounds of the winery were absolutely beautiful and we got to see the preparation for a wedding that was going to take place that afternoon. After our tour, we were seated for our wine tasting at which we learned about and tasted four different specialty wines that are made at the facility.







After we had had enough (or maybe more than enough) at our wine tasting, we boarded the bus again headed to Cadíz. Upon arrival we headed straight to a museum to knock the history part of our tour out of the way. After the museum, we walked the city, visiting the cathedral, plaza de flores, and finally a large open air market filled with seafood and fresh fruits. Although I am not quite a seafood fanatic, it was awesome to see the size of the fresh catches and how they were presented. Finally, we had a bit of free time towards the end of the day where we elected to get frozen yogurt, followed by sitting on a wall that meets the ocean for some relaxation. To end the day, we returned to Sevilla by bus, leaving Cadíz via their brand new bridge, which ranks as the second tallest in the world!

Cadíz was absolutely gorgeous and I would love to go back/would recommend it to anybody visiting Andalucía in the near future!!


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