My Travels Thus Far and Suspicious Bungee Jumping

As many of you know, I am studying abroad this semester in Sevilla, Spain, and I am happy to say I’ve arrived here safely and am in the process of settling into my home stay. I was lucky enough, however, to start my trip a little earlier than most of the other students staying with me by spending a relaxing week in Cartagena with my boyfriend. I arrived into Alicante airport last Sunday around 5 pm having experienced (drumroll) absolutely no problems during transit. There I met my boyfriend and his mother and we headed home for dinner and a desperately needed shower followed by a solid night’s sleep. Most of the days were spent resting and lazing around, eating good food with some trips to the beach or the boat.

Unlike the first few days, Friday was a high intensity day, as my boyfriend and I, along with two friends, had a reservation to go bungee jumping. What I experienced on Friday was unlike anything I could ever experience in the states and so typically European. On Friday afternoon we headed out rather early to the bungee jumping location giving ourselves extra time to find the place. I drove for about an hour while everyone else discussed the plans (which of course I was paying no attention to because I cannot drive and understand spanish at the same time), until we came to a deserted road, which they boys told me to follow. I followed the road for a good while until coming to a dead end. Here I thought we would be turning around, but instead I was told to park so we could get out and walk in search of the location. Naturally, I was confused as to why we couldn’t drive right up to the building, but of course I didn’t ask because, well, spanish. So I walked with the group down a bike path until coming across a bridge, at which point they started talking about how high it was and jumping off and whatnot. I’m thinking, “Cool, we found where we’re jumping, now we still need to find the building for the company,” but I’m so naive I had no idea what was really going on. I started to become agitated as we stood around in the hot sun because I felt like we were wasting time that we could spend looking for the building. As I came closer to my breaking point, a car rolled up to the edge of the no-cars-allowed path and stopped. Boy was I surprised when a single man got out and started pulling out ropes from his trunk. I looked at my boyfriend like wtf and pulled him to the side to ask if we were SERIOUSLY going to jump off a bridge suspended by a random man that they met online. Of course, the answer was yes, but I still wasn’t having it. I ranted to him for a little while about dying, and waivers, and adventure sports companies, until finally I had him rethinking the whole idea too. So we decided that we’d let one of the other two people jump and, ya know, see how they ended up, and if they were still alive then we would jump too. And we did. And it was mildly fun. The odd thing, though, was that the ropes the man had weren’t the elastic kind, they were just ropes, so we had to jump far out from the bridge in order to create a pendulum effect and ultimately make the impact of hitting the end of the rope more smooth. I clearly didn’t do that very well, and you can tell if you watch the video by the snap of my back at the end that resulted in some serious neck pain the next few days. Overall, it was a super fun and insanely insightful experience and I’m still wondering how I came out alive. Something about 30 Euros to jump from ropes from someone’s trunk is still a little unnerving to me.


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