The Weekend Recap

It’s finally happened. The summer I thought would never end is over. Today I start my first day of classes as a sophomore in college, and while I’m slightly nervous to be thrown back into the swing of things, I’m excited to start learning again. I’m really looking forward to the classes I signed up for this semester, especially Human Development in Africa and Global Perspectives. I definitely made this summer go out with a bang this past weekend; here’s how it went:

Friday was mainly spent lazing around my newly furnished apartment all day after waking up early to pick up my third roommate from the train station. At around 5:00 pm we decided we’d all go out together for the first time, so we got ready and headed to Monty’s, a local student favorite because of their happy hour deals, located right on the bay. Once we got there one of my roommates saw her friend, who was also with a friend, and the five of us ended up sitting down for a really nice meal together. No better way to start of the night than making new friends. We were supposed to go to another party later that evening, but I wanted to get some rest, so we bailed.

We woke up early on Saturday to get ready for a pool party later in the afternoon. It started at 1:00 and ended up going until 6:00, by which point I was so hungry it began to affect my mood, so we left and grabbed a quick bite at Friday’s to settle our grumbling stomachs.  We then went home for a quick nap to lift our energy levels before night fall, and though I intended to go to the Grove later that night, my friend and I ended up spending the night chatting in her room.

Sunday was slightly less eventful. I watched the Great Gatsby in the morning because it was on the television when I woke up and then headed down town to tutor an 8th grader in algebra. After that ran late, I rushed to campus to help set up for a new student event, which also ran late, and then rushed home to eat an awesome home cooked meal with my roommates and neighbors to finish off the summer.

Hopefully my weekend excitement levels stay high throughout the school year so that I can continue my recaps. I’ll keep you all posted.


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