Sweet Summertime in…Miami?

I live in Miami, so don’t get me wrong, I think everyone should visit this wonderful place at least one time in their life, but what I don’t understand is why people would come here for vacation in the summer. Here’s why: Miami is an oven. But if you are planning on braving the harsh weather, I’ll let you in on a few things you can do while you’re here.

Lincoln Road Mall. The mall is a great place to shop, dine, or people watch, all while staying cool. Head into stores to peruse sales and get some AC, or sit under umbrellas near misty fans for a delicious lunch.

SoBe. Head to South Beach to escape the heat by lounging in the clear blue ocean. But, please, don’t forget sunscreen or that Miami sun will ruin the rest of your trip.

Key Biscayne. If you want to avoid the touristy beaches, Crandon Park is the way to go. Bring some food to throw on the public grills and have yourself a picnic by the water.

Water sports. Rent a boat, a kayak, a paddle board, whatever you’d like, and hit the water. You can find rental locations everywhere from Coconut Grove to South Beach and everywhere in between.

Concerts. Summertime is a huge time for concerts throughout the country, even in the 305. Grab a few buddies and some cheap, GA tickets and head for good times with better music. Just make sure to stay hydrated while you’re doing all that tailgating.

Night life. Miami is one of the best night life locations in the country, which makes sense. We know that the only real way to beat the heat is to wait until the sun goes down (and party right until it comes back up). The summer nights will still be quite warm, but no so unbearable as the daytime.



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