A Sseko Review

Back in May I made a post about my favorite brand, Sseko Designs, and why you should love their products. I’ve now owned my own pair of Ssekos (Black ribbon sandals) for about four months and they are still my favorite shoe. The leather is such great quality and the straps are too, which is great considering I was worried at first that they may break. I love that I can take these sandals and dress them for any occasion by changing my strap color (I now have 7 straps- obsessed?) or rearranging the way the straps are tied. I love wearing the straps around my ankles, but with long pants that look doesn’t go well, so I love how easy it is to change. The best part about my Sseko sandals, though, is that I haven’t gotten any blisters. Normal new shoes give me blisters within the first two wears, but since you can rearrange the ribbons on these sandals ten ways to Sunday, blisters are nothing to worry about!

I am absolutely in love with my Ssekos and get compliments on them wherever I go, from New York City to Spain to Miami, and they’re perfect for any environment (not talking about weather here; I would advise against wearing these in the snow). If you haven’t yet, I encourage you to check out the Sseko story and, if you like what you see, purchase a pair of Sseko sandals or accessories. I promise you, it’ll be worth every dollar you spend.


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