Pool Etiquette (A Bit of a Rant)

Alright so I’ve done my fair share of poolside observing over the past couple of weeks (I know, I live a rough life) both in Hilton Head and Miami, and what I’ve noticed is this: People generally don’t know what is and is not acceptable around a public pool. Maybe they’re foreign, maybe they’re young or maybe they just don’t realize that they’re being rude, but I’ve got to set the rules for those who don’t realize they exist. Follow these simple rules and be well received by other pool-goers or don’t and I won’t hesitate to jump over you and splash your magazine.

  1. Don’t pull your chairs up to the edge of the pool. Yeah, I get it. You want to talk to your family and friends who are in the pool but don’t want to get wet. But what you might not realize is that other people need to walk around the pool and you’re blocking the path. It’s annoying, just don’t do it.
  2. Don’t read a magazine in the pool and get annoyed when it gets wet. This one is simple. When you decided to bring your magazine in the water you decided it’s ok if it gets wet. If this isn’t the case, rethink your reading location.
  3. Don’t bring pool floats in the pool. Some places have rules against this that are strictly enforced. Others don’t, but they probably expect you to just assume the rule. Pool floats are big and bulky and get in the way of other swimmers. Leave them for the beach or your pool at home.
  4. Don’t swim laps if others are using the pool. If you’re swimming laps alone and people enter the pool, stop, and don’t start if there are other people swimming when you get there. The pool is meant for everyone, just respect that.
  5. Don’t take up pool chairs if you don’t plan to use them. We all see it happen- some mother wakes up early at a resort, heads to the pool to place ten towels on ten pool chairs, and nobody shows up to use them until 3:00 pm. Don’t do it. Leave the chairs to other people who are actually using the pool and find open ones when you decide to come down.
  6. Don’t block the stairs. I’m sure sitting on the stairs puts you in the perfect half-cool-half-tanning position, but it prevents other people from getting in the pool and that’s just annoying.

3 thoughts on “Pool Etiquette (A Bit of a Rant)

  1. Growing up, my Dad always had a sign up around the pool: “Welcome to my OOL, notice there is no P in it. Please keep it that way.”

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