Destination of the Week: Appenzell, Switzerland

This week’s destination of choice just so happens to be the yodeling capital of the world- cool! Find yourself feeling like you’ve traveled back in time upon arrival in Appenzell; the houses are painted in colors unique to the area and you’re likely to catch residents dressed in traditional folk costume. The avid skier can find paradise here staying at a luxurious ski-in ski-out hotel at the bottom of the alps. Those looking to bring home a can-you-believe-how-cool-this-is story for friends and family can take a cable car to the top of Santis de Berg on a day when the weather is clear for a spectacular view of six countries and some killer hiking. Luckily, this quaint little town has yet to be discovered by the tourist masses, but fear not, there are still touristy things to do- like visiting Museum Appenzell or hitting the “Brauquöll” museum for a quality beer tasting. With all the cute attractions this place has to offer, the tourists are sure to discover it soon, so get on your way before they do!


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