The Weekend Recap

Hello fellow bloggers, I’m back! Last you heard from me it was Thursday and I was on Hilton Head Island. Now it’s Monday, and I’m in Miami in my new apartment.

Friday morning I woke up at 6:00 am and hit the road to get to Miami before the move-in office closed. With restroom brakes and a breakfast and lunch stop, I made it to Miami by 3:30, which I was pretty happy about. I signed some paperwork and was then given the keys to my new place. From there it took me about two hours to move everything from my car to the floor of my living room; the process included removing items from my car, locking my car, scanning myself into the building, scanning myself up the elevator (all while holding heavy boxes), and unlocking my door before repeating and, quite frankly, it was pretty exhausting. From there I unpacked a few dishes and shower items, all I could do with my limited storage options in an empty apartment. I then headed to Target to purchase basic necessities for a household, like soap, toilet paper and napkins (and a coffee maker because I’m high maintenance). After unpacking from Target my friend who was storing my mattress for me helped me move it to my apartment so I would have something to sleep on, and for Friday night, that was it.

Saturday I woke up and ate breakfast on the floor, a pretty depressing feeling. During breakfast, there was a knock on my door from a man who had come to assemble one of my roommates’ beds. I unpacked some more things while he worked in the other room and tried to clear out the living room to make it “presentable” for my roommate’s family who was on their way from the airport. They arrived like a whirlwind bringing bags straight to her room and I tidied up followed by lunch and some more errands. In the evening I drove to Fort Lauderdale to pick my father up from the airport and then we grabbed a filling dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, a personal favorite of mine. Dinner was in a large shopping center that contained a Target, Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and TJ Maxx, so we were able to get to shopping immediately after eating. We purchased a considerable amount of room necessities like bedding, storage units, a desk and a book shelf, and headed home around midnight.

By breakfast time on Sunday my third roommate had arrived, so the three of us headed to a cheap furniture store my dad found on the internet with families in tow. The experience went a lot more smoothly than I had expected as we were able to decide on a living room set, featuring a red couch and love seat with accompanying tables and lamps, as well as a dining room table and chairs which matched the living room tables. After checking out we all split up and my father and I headed to do more shopping, beginning the endless search for a dresser. What I’ve learned is this: all cheap furniture comes in either Espresso or Dark Cherry colored wood, and nothing in black, which is what I was decided on. Sunday ended with a nice dinner at Jaguar in Coconut Grove and an early bed time.

This morning my father and I joined my roommate’s family for a delicious breakfast at Green Street Cafe, my favorite breakfast location in Miami. Afterwards, we continued our dresser search at Home Goods and Macy’s, both to no avail. At 1:00 pm we had to be home to wait for the cable company to come (which brought me wifi to give you this post!), so we put some things together while waiting and organized a bit. When my roommate’s family got back (before the cable company) we left and continued the search for the little black dresser, and we found it. Guess where. K-mart. Who would have thought? And it was cheap too, fitting with the whole being-in-college theme.

So now we’re home, assembling the long searched for dresser and hanging shelves, piecing together the last bits of my room. Needless to say, I’m very excited about what this place is going to look like, and even more excited to get rid of all the garbage and boxes that are sitting around.

Updates to come. Have a nice week everyone!



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