8 Reasons to Date a Girl Who Travels

It seems to me that everyone in the world of travel blogging has created their own list of why to date a traveller, so I figured why not make my own.

  1. She’s independent. This is the biggest one. If she travels, she has to be independent in order to be successful. She’s capable of doing everything on her own and often wonders why people worry about her being on her own. This girl won’t be clingy or overly needy with you, but make sure you don’t get too attached for she might just up and go one day.
  2. She’s in touch with herself. Avid travelers are usually very self-aware and have high levels of self confidence. Since certain traveling requires them to go a few days without showering or to wake up in a room next to a stranger’s bed, they usually could give a damn what people think of them and won’t need your constant complements to boost them up.
  3. She’s healthy. This one is pretty simple, but it’s nice to know. Intense or long-term traveling of any sort requires an individual to be healthy, and usually pretty fit. Hiking, walking, swimming, rowing, they’ll do what it takes to get them from point A to point B and burn significant calories while doing so.
  4. She’s adventurous. It’s not every day you meet a girl who’s willing to pick up, leave her life behind, and just go, so who knows what else she’ll be willing to do. If you’re the adventurous type, you’ll find the perfect partner in this girl, and if you’re not, you might find someone who will help you break your shell. The added bonus? This sense of adventure extends far beyond the world of travel.
  5. She’s easy to get along with. Travelers, especially those who go alone, are all about meeting new people, sharing stories, and making new friends. In order to do this, they have to be outgoing to some extent and welcoming to new people. If you’re scared to approach her, remember this.
  6. She has her life in order. Or maybe she doesn’t, but either way she feels she’s in a good enough spot to just pick up and go.  She’s not worrying about what will happen while she’s gone and she’s confident she’ll either come back and pick up where she left off or completely start over, but either way, she knows what’s best for her.
  7. She’ll never let you be bored. When a dull moment arises, expect it to be gone within seconds as she jumps up announcing a new plan of action. Whether she wants to go for a walk, a hike, to a local market or take a Greyhound bus across the coast, you’ll find yourself on awesome adventures you couldn’t have expected five minutes ago.
  8. She’ll love you with all she has. Girls who travel don’t attach themselves to much because they know they have to leave at some point, but if they stick with you, they really stick. A girl who can carry your love across oceans is definitely a girl worth keeping.

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