One Time

One time you had a crazy dream. One time you spent nights imagining the adventures you’d have abroad. One time you sat on the computer for hours researching the cost to go. One time you started getting really excited at the thought of going somewhere new, somewhere unknown. One time you told your friends and family about these dreams, aspirations, goals. One time you really thought you’d do it.

But then you started thinking. Do I have money? Can I speak the language? How will I take so much time off my daily life? What if something bad happens? Why am I so afraid of the unknown?

You could have said screw it all. You could have booked a flight and headed out days later. You could have told your boss that project would have to wait. You could have figured out ways to explore for cheap. You could have learned how to communicate without language. Hell, you could have learned a new language. You could have seen the places you’ve always dreamed of. You could have tasted foods you didn’t even know you had tastebuds for. You could have made friends that would have lasted a lifetime. You could have met the love of your life. All there, in that exotic place that one time you dreamed of.

But you didn’t. Why? Because you didn’t think you’d have enough money. Because you didn’t think you could communicate well enough. Because you didn’t think you’d still have a job when you got back. Because you didn’t think you’d even make it back. Because you were afraid of what you didn’t know.

But it’s not too late. You can still change that. You can still book a flight to your dream destination. You can still tell your boss that you’ll be back soon or that, maybe, you’re not coming back. You can still find creative ways to save some money. You can still learn to communicate without language, and yes, you can still learn a new language. You can still see the places that one time you dreamed of. You can still taste foods you’ll crave forever after your return. You can still make new friends to keep up with. You can still meet someone who will change you in some huge way. You can still do all those things that you dreamed of. And you should, right now, so that one day you can start a crazy story that starts with “One time…”


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