Doing Disney (Part I)

I’ve been avoiding doing a Disney-related post for quite some time now. For those of you who don’t know yet (and I think I’ve kept it well hidden until now), I am an absolute Disney freak. I’ve vacationed at Disney World 18 separate times staying at various hotels on and off the property, and I’m currently planning my next trip, which will be for my 19th birthday. I read books about Disney, watch shows about Disney, and Lord help the unsuspecting friend who brings up the topic of Disney around me because I’ll start telling them everything I know.

Since I clearly cannot restrict all my magic excitement to one post, I decided I’ll begin a series of posts to help those a little less educated on all things Disney. To begin, I’ll let you in on, what I have decided after vigorous research, are the best times to visit the Walt Disney World Resort.

Late January/Early February If you can sandwich your vacation between the end of Christmas break (note: college breaks go a lot longer than middle and high school breaks) and before President’s day, you can be pretty sure you’ll have the parks all to yourself. Since  you’ll be in Orlando, you don’t really have to worry about cold weather, and the slightly cooler days make tackling the parks a lot easier than in the summer swelter. If you aren’t big on romance and all things mushy-gushy, I’d recommend avoiding Magic Kingdom on Valentine’s Day.

Early May With the Easter season just coming to a close and Memorial Day quickly approaching, people have either just returned from their Disney vacation or they are preparing for it. Either way, arriving between the holidays means the lines will be shorter and the crowds smaller. An added bonus? The Walt Disney World Resort usually offers a variety of special offers from hotel discounts to ticket packages that start at the end of April and end in late May.

September The whole month of September is great for Disney-goers looking to avoid crowds. Summer vacations are just ending and the whole country is heading back to school. September is usually the cheapest season, too, since most resort businesses see a decline in tourists after August.

The first two weeks of December While the Thanksgiving crowd is returning home and the Christmas visitors are packing their bags, squeeze in your own low-crowd vacation to the happiest place on earth. Discounts through Disney usually end around December 14th, when the Christmas crowds start rolling in, so take advantage of this off-time and save some money by beating the crowds.


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