The Weekend Recap

It’s been a crazy month filled with packing, traveling and sight-seeing, and now that I’m back stateside I’m finding it pretty difficult to get back into my daily routine, but I have to in order to get anything done in my crazy life. My first priority, of course, was getting the blog back in order, as I’ve been quite sketchy with my posts recently, but I’m working on it, I promise.

This weekend was pretty low-key since I didn’t have any work or social commitments. I spent a good chunk of the day on Saturday laying in my bed on my computer completing modules for my online class. While I was in Spain I didn’t log into my class once, which isn’t a bad thing, but I have to make up for the lost time now and can’t complain about being stuck inside on the computer. After completing almost an entire module, I was satisfied with my progress and decided to reward myself with a much needed Skype call with my boyfriend. As evening rolled around I realized I probably shouldn’t be in my bed anymore, so I got up and got ready to go to a picnic with my mother that was organized as a goodbye party for a man I work with who will be leaving for the Navy this month. The food was excellent and I spent the evening playing (and winning, once) can-jam with coworkers. After being picked up by my best friend from that party, we headed off to another one at a friend’s house where I got to see all my high school friends for the first time since coming back from Spain.  The night was relatively low-key, which is always a good thing with my friends, and we played Cards Against Humanity before falling asleep.

Sunday I woke early by my standards to go to breakfast at Riverview in Clinton. Despite living a mile down the road, I’d never been there, and although it was a good meal in a pretty location by the river, the prices don’t have me dying to go back. $10 for two pancakes? No thanks. After breakfast I put on dirty clothes and headed to my mom’s house to get to work cleaning the pool. My grandfather put me and my two friends to work first on the pool, and then on cutting up a large tarp to be taken out to the trash. While cutting we encountered a live snake, which was pretty terrifying and had my one friend running all the way down the driveway. My other friend manned up (he’s the only man, so he had to) and picked the creature up, threw him into the woods, and ran back like he was Usain Bolt. It was a hot day and the project took a while, but at least I got tan. To cool off after our work, we headed to my friend’s pool for a quick swim. Later, we met up at my uncle’s house in the middle-of-nowhere Tewksbury for a barbecue followed by a fire and some s’mores. The night was cool and relaxing, a perfect ending to the weekend.


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