Why I’m Excited to be Going Home: An Attempt

Well, for starters, I’m not excited at all. I’m in a beautiful country with wonderful people and excellent weather, so the thought of leaving has been a difficult one for me to handle, not to mention I won’t be seeing my boyfriend again until November. So to try and bear with the thought, I’ve created a list to remind me of the good things back home and hopefully keep me from tears as I depart on Monday.

  1. Bagels. I love bagels. Spain doesn’t have bagels.
  2. American food in general. I can’t really handle on the meat I’ve been being offered here. Bring on pasta and veggies and hummus and turkey dogs.
  3. Air conditioning. My boyfriend’s house is like a sauna, making me sweat as soon as I exit the shower. I won’t miss that.
  4. My best friends. The entire time I’ve been here I’ve been included in their group text and forced to hear their fun plans every day without me.
  5. Family vacation. I know, I shouldn’t complain about leaving one trip when I’m going on another in three weeks. It’s complicated.
  6. School. In high school, I never would have said I’m excited for school, but now I’m way too excited to move into my apartment and see all my friends.
  7. English. Enough said.

I’ve been sitting in front of the computer for a considerably long time considering I’ve only come up with 7 reasons, which has me convinced there’s no way I’m leaving on Monday without tears. Now, if only I could reschedule my flight for next month and forget about all my responsibilities at home…


One thought on “Why I’m Excited to be Going Home: An Attempt

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