Canterbury Bound

Well, I didn’t think I’d be saying this this early, but I’m officially Canterbury bound in November! This is why: I found a flight for less than $800.

I received an email last night from Smarter Travel, as I do every day, and opened it to see what cool travel-related things were going on today. Luckily, I spotted the small text in the bottom corner saying, “New Low-fare Nonstops to London Now on Sale.” Bingo.

My boyfriend is going to be studying at the University of Kent this year, so my trips to Spain will soon be a thing of the past. I had it in my mind that I would visit him over my Thanksgiving break, since my school gives us a whole week off, and I don’t really want to be traveling over Christmas break, but as college schedules are tricky, I didn’t want to commit to anything yet. I was perusing the link from Smarter Travel and saw that Norwegian Air was offering flights to London from Fort Lauderdale at Thanksgiving for $347 each way. I then bounced over to Expedia to check their fares, discovering that airlines are charging about $1,200 to fly from Miami or Fort Lauderdale to London over this time period. So the Norwegian flight was a no brainer, but I had to book now because there were only 3 low-fare seats available on the flight to London.

I discovered in my booking process, however, that the company does a wonderful job of hiding discrete fares elsewhere. I checked that I would be bringing one checked bag with me, and a popup came up informing me that one bag would cost $42 and two would increase to $92. I read on to see that this is considered the online discount, and that declaring a checked bag at the airport would more than double this fee. I continued. The next screen offered me the option of reserving my seat, and I scanned the whole page to see if it was at a cost. I saw nothing saying so, so I clicked on an aisle seat. Luckily, I noticed that after doing this another $42 charge had been added to my bill that was on the side of my screen, so I removed the seat and elected to have it decided for me at the airport free of charge. I moved on to the next page, where a variety of menus were presented to me. Here, I was told that any hot meals must be purchased online for $35 each, and that the plane only sold cold snacks online. So I guess I’ll be eating a meal in the airport prior to departure and bringing some snacks because there is no way I’m paying $35 for an airplane meal that had me sick in the bathroom last time.

Overall, even with my $42 checked bag fee, I still ended up saving over $400 from what I would pay on Expedia, and possibly more since my plan was to wait and book my flight later, so I am satisfied and excited for November!


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