On Adventure in Spain

This is going to be a quick post because I need to be on the road in half an hour to go to a beach house for the weekend (rough life, I know). So, one of my favorite things about this absolutely beautiful country is the amount of adventuring of all sorts there is to be done here. Being outside of America, there are significantly less restrictions and legalities that come with doing activities. While I was here last year, our group went zip lining without signing any waivers and relatively little supervision. It sounds small, but in the US you have to sign your life away for things like that. Here, you’re basically free to explore anywhere and do whatever.

Last week my boyfriend took me to these cliffs that overlooked the ocean. The edge of the cliffs were bounded by a wooden fence that was maybe three feet tall, and a sign that depicted a man falling down the cliff. We hopped the fence and proceeded down. Nothing was done to stop us and nobody was there to yell at us. It was great. About halfway down, we decided to jump off the cliffs and into the water even though we had no idea how deep it was. I made my boyfriend go first, and he was lucky that it was deep enough. After that, we continued jumping until we were tired, all completely free of supervision or any hassle.

Three days ago, we headed to a local beach to catch some rays, but as soon as we got there, a rocky area caught my eye. We grabbed the camera and headed over, again without restriction, climbing for a while until we found a big rock that looked to be over deep water. Again we jumped, this time checking the depth first. Nobody on the beach bothered us or told us to come back to land.

Yesterday a group of us went hiking on what felt like the world’s largest mountain. I have bad knees, so it was a struggle, but I made it. The first leg of the hike took us down the whole mountain and onto the rocky shore. From there, we scaled the rocks until coming across a cave. The boys had all brought flashlights and we entered the cave, exploring parts where we couldn’t even stand straight, and eventually came across deep water. We took off some of our clothes and our sneakers and went for a swim, taking turns shining the light on each other. Overall the experience was one of the coolest I’ve ever had.

I’ve come to the conclusion that exploring relatively unchartered territories here is completely normal, and I love it. If something looks interesting, we just go and find out for ourselves, and nobody worries about rules or getting in trouble. It does, however, make me sad that eventually i’ll have to go back to America where everything is plagued by waivers and instruction, but for now, I’m enjoying the freedom I have here.


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