A Series of Unfortunate Events

Hola amigos! I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting, but I must say, it’s been a crazy few days. On Sunday night I headed off for JFK International Airport, arriving with plenty of time to check in and pass security. I then sat by my gate waiting to board the plane, planning on instantly falling asleep once we took off, and I did. But as you may know, planes tend to become a little noisy once the flight attendants begin serving dinner, so I woke up after about a half hour. I wasn’t hungry at this point, but I thought I’d eat seeing as I didn’t really have a choice as to my dinner schedule, so I asked for the chicken and a water. I ate just the chicken, everything else seemed suspicious, and fell back asleep. The next time I awoke I felt considerably worse than I had earlier in the evening. I tried to fall back asleep to avoid the feeling, but it was growing. So I asked the lady next to me to let me out to use the restroom, and while walking down the aisle I realized immediately that I was going to get sick. When the restroom finally opened up, I ran in just in time to get sick, and spent a good while doing so. When I finally regained my composure, I washed off my face and headed back to my seat to sleep more. This time I woke up while we were landing, so I couldn’t leave my seat to go to the restroom, but I felt like I was going to get sick again, so as we exited the plane I grabbed one of the bags they place behind your seat for incidences like these. I was worried because once you exit an international flight, there is no bathroom access until you clear customs, and that could be a while. Of course, during my walk to customs I got sick again in that stupid, little bag. Boy was I an embarrassing sight to see. People were looking at me with pity, and I certainly don’t blame them, I’m a small girl throwing up into a plastic bag while trying to drag a carry-on that’s way too big for me and similar sized backpack, but I would have liked to be alone.

After clearing customs in Madrid the sickness subsided and I found my gate for my connecting flight to Alicante. I was pretty early, so I laid down holding my bags and fell asleep for an hour. I woke up, just in time to board my flight (it was a pretty close call), and felt a great deal better. But seeing as I’m a considerably unlucky individual, I was not problem-free just yet. We landed in Alicante and I watched everyone grab their luggage from the conveyor belt- everyone except me. But this didn’t surprise me because whenever there is missing luggage, it’s mine, so I know to bring all my valuables in my carry-on at this point. Apparently, even though I went through customs in Madrid, I still had to go through in Alicante as well, so my luggage was sent to a conveyor belt that is accessible after passing customs. But during the twenty or so minutes it took me to figure that out, I thought I’d burst into tears. 

Nevertheless, I persevered and found my boyfriend and his family shortly afterwards and we headed home where I was given tea (or at least I think it was tea) to help my stomach and some time to relax. I fell asleep at about 11:00 pm that night and slept until 4:00 p.m. the next evening. Oops. I did manage to fall asleep at a reasonable hour last night, though, and would consider myself pretty well adjusted at this point. Now to focus on communicating with everyone I meet… I’ll keep you all posted.


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