Destination of the Week: Norway

In the chilly lands of Scandinavia you can find this week’s destination of choice: Norway. Ranked in 2013 as the second happiest country in the world, there’s really no reason not to visit. The country has a low crime rate, a great health care system, and a wide array of spacious and captivating scenic land. And not only that, this birthplace of skiing offers tons to do for the adventurous. Swim in the deepest lake in all of Europe or find yourself in a fjord and go exploring through the vast amounts of uncultivated land. In fact, Norway has a law called “allemmansrett,” which literally means “all mens rights.” This law gives all people the right of access and passage through any uncultivated Norwegian lands, meaning you can go almost anywhere to legally view all of the beauty of the land. Not to mention, this place has some of the world’s best photo op moments for the more daring. Step out onto Trolltunga for a selfie on the edge of the world or snap a shot of you standing thousands of feet above any solid ground at Kjeragbolten. Finally, head out at night to catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights while possibly spotting some wild reindeer or polar bears. It really can’t get any cooler than this.


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