The Weekend Recap

Saturday began as a beautiful day, which was quite unfortunate as I had scheduled myself to be taking at least 4 hours of my online Teaching English as a Foreign Language class that I’ve just started, which isn’t really conducive to outdoor activities. But I really had to get work done, so I decided to forgo nice weather activities in interest of my studies. As per my luck, once I finally finished my class for the day, the weather started to get a lot cooler. To continue with my lucky strike, I then picked up my father to take him to our favorite hot dog stand as a pre-Father’s Day gift, only to arrive to a closed shop. So we scratched those plans and ate at Stewarts, somewhere my father and I would frequent during my childhood. After dinner, I headed to my uncles house for a fire pit and some s’mores with my family, which was a more pleasant ending to the day.

Sunday was absolutely gorgeous, not a cloud in the sky and a nice breeze consistent throughout the day. As my father’s Father’s Day request, him, my sister and I headed up to Monmouth Park Racetrack to watch some races and hopefully make some money, which we didn’t. Regardless, it was such a nice day that nothing could get our spirits down and was ended serenely with a delicious barbecue.


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