Blogs I Love

I follow a decent amount of people on my blog and make a conscious effort each and every day to read their posts and learn their stories, but I have a few that stand out to me for different reasons. If you’re looking for a quality blog to start following, or just want to know which ones I like, I’ve got the scoop for you.

Like fashion? I’d recommend visiting The Fashionista’s Diary. She posts frequently (with lots of pretty pictures!) and all of her stuff is so cute and well put together. Any good fashion advice can be found on this blog. Not only is she a sorority sister and friend of mine, but she’s an excellent blogger who is going places- and fast.

Like food? Check out Namaste and Eat. She posts excellent recipes, though not too often, but the deliciousness makes up for it. What I really like about this blog is that not only is it food oriented, but it also features a little bit of life flare- weekend trips, yoga, whatever. It’s always an interesting read accentuated with quality, yet personal writing.

Like travel? That’s probably why you’re really here, so I’ve got a few for you.

Travel Monkey is one of my favorite blogs because of its’ creativity and diversity. The blog stars a stuffed monkey named Kongo who is traveling the world with his master. Kongo’s posts are regular and always interesting, featuring lots of cool pictures, which I know we all like. He’s been to a lot of cool places and done a lot of cool things, so there’s never a dull moment on his blog.

Journeys is another great blog to follow if you’re into exotic destinations. Still in its infancy, this site was created by a single woman in her young 30s with a passion for travel and photography- and she does an excellent job of conveying that in her posts. Her photos are some of the coolest I’ve seen thus far, often featuring landscapes from remote locations and unique monuments or the like. She posts often enough but not too frequently, making her definitely worth a follow.

Moon Dancer Diaries is a blog that I never tire of. Created by a young girl with a zest for life and passion for travel and healthy living, I can always relate to her posts, whatever they are about for that day. What makes this blog stand out to me is the quality of writing. So eloquent, and often poetic, the commentary accompanies the featured photos so well.


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