Destination of the Week: San Juan, Puerto Rico

After my post The Caribbean Islands: My Top 5 List became a big hit, I decided to expand on my number one island for this week’s Destination of the Week. San Juan, Puerto Rico is an excellent destination of choice for many reasons. Not only is it convenient (as an American territory the national language is English and the national currency is the dollar), but it is also extraordinarily beautiful. Whether you’re the beach-goer type or the adventure type, Puerto Rico has something to offer you. You can choose to spend your days in a lounge chair on the sand or poolside at one of San Juan’s many luxurious resorts or head over to hike around El Yunque, America’s only tropical rainforest, which hosts a variety of wildlife and waterfalls. Another touristy option is found in Old San Juan, the heart of the city that features two old war forts that visitors are free to roam. In the field between the forts you can find an ancient cemetery and no less than a hundred or so locals and tourists alike out to fly kites. At night the dining options are endless, from sports bars to local joints to upscale restaurants. And after you eat, the night doesn’t have to be over. The island features two of the world’s very few bioluminescent bays and you can find plenty of tour companies to take you out in kayaks to see the glittering water. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity that all who visit the island should be sure to see.


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