The Weekend Recap

All in all, this weekend was relatively relaxing. I spent my day Saturday down the shore (as those of us from New Jersey would say) with a couple of good friends. We arrived at the beach in Belmar at around 1:00 pm and spent the day lazing on the sand, soaking up the sun. A few of us even chose to go in the ocean, which could have been no more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit if I’m being generous. After being initially struck by the frigid water, we managed to stay in and retain some sort of body temperature for long enough to play in the waves. Clouds started rolling in around 5:00, so we dried off and headed home after stopping for Panera Bread for dinner. Yum!

Sunday was another beautiful day, so in an attempt to spend a good amount of time outside my father and I decided to continue car shopping for my car for next year. We travelled all the way to Pennsylvania to see different dealers and I’ve managed to narrow down my decision to a few cars. Upon arriving home, we threw some burgers on the grill and dined on the deck while the sun was setting.


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