Destination of the Week

For my first ever “Destination of the Week” post, I have chosen Albania as my must-see location. According to The New York Times, Albania mixes the beauty of Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast with the ancient aspects of Turkey and Greece, and features the same natural characteristics of Italy. To make it even better, because the country is less popular than the mainstream European tourist sites, it offers its beauty at a fraction of the cost of, let’s say, Greece or Italy. Along the country’s western coast you can find quaint waterfront inns that have rooms going for as low as $50 a night with million dollar views. Whether you want to explore Cold War submarine tunnels by kayak or swim past abandoned war forts, Albania offers plenty to do.

Where in Albania should you visit? Porto Palermo! The village of Porto Palermo boasts an 18th century castle situated on a crystal-blue bay that is open to exploration by visitors- mind you, there won’t be many because Albania is still one of Europe’s best hidden gems.

Visited Albania already? Let me know what you thought!


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