DIY: Postcard Book

Most people think that traveling is for the young and agile, not for those with children, and while the first part may be true, the latter is not always the case. Yes, traveling with kids requires doing things a little differently (I’ll save the how-to for another post down the road), but it doesn’t mean you should trade your spirit of adventure for complete domestication. Despite that you may have to change your destination, taking the kids on an escapade of your own will be a memorable experience for both you and them. But how can you make your family travels even more memorable? Read on, friends.

Since Mother’s Day was yesterday, I decided I’d write this post in honor of my own lovely mother who has accompanied my sister and I on a wide array of adventures since we were babies. As far as I’m concerned, my mother is the creator of the postcard book, or at least our postcard books, which have proven sources of numerous memories of vacations long gone.

So you might be thinking, what is a postcard book? Simple. A postcard book is a collection of postcards from one’s travels, compiled in various ways, such as a ring clip or binder. Whenever you travel anywhere with your kids, even if it’s a quick weekend trip, buy a postcard from the location. Start by writing the date of the trip on the back and follow up with a brief paragraph about the trip’s biggest highlights. Address the postcard with your home address and send it home. After receiving each postcard, attach it to the others in some fashion (I prefer a hole-punch in the corner and a ring clip). A few days after you get home from your vacation, or perhaps even before you get home, your postcard will arrive in the mail addressed to your child. As most parents know, mail addressed to a child is an overly exciting event for them, as is most anything that occurs in an adult’s normal day. In looking over the postcard, your child will be excited to reminisce about the trip and have stories to tell their friends. More importantly, years later your now-fully-grown baby will have a collection to remind him/her of all of the trips s/he has been on and the greatest memories of them that may now be forgotten.

“I love seeing a child’s reaction when they come home from a vacation, especially internationally or a cruise, and get a postcard in the mail a few days later. It almost serves as an extension of the vacation and when they’re young adults it’s fun to look back at all the places they’ve gone and talk about all the memories.” -Mom (Creator of the postcard book)


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