International Flower & Garden Festival


Where? Epcot in The Walt Disney World Resort.

When? Now!

Starting in March each year and running through May, the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is, by far, the best special event that The Walt Disney World Resort has to offer. Featuring over 500,000 plants, trees, and shrubs and 30 million flowers, no floral display in the world could beat the size and grandiosity of this one. But, what’s so great about a flower festival? I’ll tell you!

1. The detail. Cast members working on the floral display go so far as to plant 240 floating mini-gardens in ponds around the park and release 1,000 native butterflies of 10 species in the butterfly house to accompany the display. Considering they work over 24,000 hours to make this event happen, you have to appreciate all the effort.

2. The fun. While roaming the park, you’ll find over 100 topiaries of the most beloved Disney and Pixar characters. Want to see Bambi and friends? They have it. What about Phineas and Ferb? They have that too. And the classics? Look behind Spaceship Earth and you’ll find Pluto with Minnie and Mickey. Too cute!

3. The food. Yes, gardens usually produce plenty of flowers, but more importantly, they produce delicious food. The festival offers a wide array of garden-grown treats, meats and flavors! Try a watermelon salad with pickled onions or shrimp and grits with sweet corn. While walking through each pavilion, keep your eyes peeled for each country’s garden-grown food(s) of choice. My personal favorite is the Frozen Desert Violet Lemonade located at the kiosk right before the Canada pavilion. If you’re feeling ambitious, try taste-testing around the world!

4. The music. If you think flowers and food sound good, then wait until you add music too. The Flower Power Concert Series occurs during the festival and features a variety of artists and bands including The Guess Who and Village People. Who is Village People? Remember the middle school dance jam “YMCA?” That’s who.

5. The tours. Whether you’d like to roam the parks at your own will or take a flower tour, Epcot has it covered. Take the Epcot Gardens of the World Tour to learn the background and explanations of the most popular displays. Want to tour and taste at the same time? Take the short, 20-minute tour of the English Tea Gardens and try some of Twinings of London’s finest tea blends.

Head over now and enjoy or try going next year! I promise you, it’s well worth it.


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