The (Not-So) Well-Known Art of Rolling

With the school year ending and students frantically packing their bags to head for home, worried about conserving space while confining everything they own to a few small bags, it has come to my attention that not everybody knows what I thought was the well-known art of rolling (no, this isn’t a drug reference). It seems that the knowledge of this handy trick has escaped some, so I felt the need to show them (and you) how it’s done. Have a lot to pack and need to save a ton of space? Here’s your guide to do that.

1. Find the things in your closet that cant be rolled or balled up- things with wires, complex blazers, etc. Fold them and allow them to serve as the base to your luggage.

2. Take your largest clothing items, such as sweaters and/or maxi dresses, and roll them first. They’ll take up the most room, so put them on the next layer above your folded items.

3. Now for the basics. Take regular clothing items like t-shirts and tanks and fold them down the center.

IMG_6318 IMG_6319

4. At this point the sleeves should be aligned, so tuck them back in to lay on top of the shirt.


5. Starting at the top, roll the item into a log shape, making sure to continuously tuck in loose ends.


6. Once all of your clothes are rolled, begin stacking them in your suitcase with the larger items at the bottom.


7. If things don’t align perfectly, fill gaps with smaller rolled clothing.

Tip: Shorts are pretty difficult to roll because they’re short and thick. Save these for last. Once your suitcase it filled with everything else, lay the shorts over everything creating a final layer.


So, next time you find yourself stuffing a suitcase closed by sitting and jumping on it, give this trick a try. Happy packing!

(Shout out to Miley Cyrus for the t-shirt)


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