Madison’s Avenue: The Origins

I have always thought of travel as an innate desire buried deep within the human soul. There are days where I find myself dangerously teetering on the edge of purchasing a six hundred and fifty dollar plane ticket to Oslo, Norway, simply because it’s on sale, planning to leave school the next day and take myself on an adventure, figuring it out as I go. I tell myself I’ll get there, find a hostel, meet new people, and find out what there is to do around wherever it is that I am, not that I would know. For the duration of my young life, I thought everyone made these plans in their minds, or at least aspired to.

But something happened about a month ago that forced me to entertain a clear picture of human diversity. I was shopping in Target with a friend who lives on the floor of my dorm telling her how I was changing my major from the sciences to International Studies, a drastic move that my father was adamantly against (he claims now that he doesn’t mind the change). When we approached the register to check out we began talking with the cashier who told us about his aspirations to open a restaurant in Wynwood, a chic area near Miami, Florida. He asked where I went to school, what I was studying, and what I wanted to do with my studies. I told him, “I want to travel, but then again, so does everyone.” My friend looked at me perplexed and stated, “I don’t. I just want to live in New York forever.” Complete shock. I couldn’t possibly fathom the fact that there are people out there who are content with staying put for the rest of their lives. There is so much world to see out there. Why don’t they want to see it?

This minor, yet critical event has resulted in a sort of self-searching journey that I am embarking on with the help of this blog. Although I understand that not everyone feels the burning need to see the mountains of India or the villages of the local people in Namibia, I hope I can reach out to the select few who want ( or better yet, need) to see the remote wonders of this Earth. You can check my blog weekly for advice on how to travel on a low budget, suggestions on must-see-must-do adventures in each continent, and what to try or avoid when traveling. As a new and young blogger, I would really appreciate comments and suggestions to help get me started or keep me rolling.



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